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  • How much does it cost? WFG Campaigns is a subscription service. Your Basic Plan is Free. With it, you can add up to 10,000 contacts to your account. Sign up here. If you need a higher plan, upgrade your account to the Advanced Plan ($15 per month) for 25,000 contacts, or the Pro Plan ($35 per month) for 50,000 contacts More Pricing info.
  • Are there any contracts or binding agreements? No. You can cancel your WFG Campaigns account at any time. No long-term commitments. No contracts.
  • Who do you call if you have a question, problem, or need help? Call the Outstand Support Team at 800-865-7496 or email us.
  • What is WFG Campaigns? WFG Campaigns is an online follow up and stay in touch service for World Financial Group agents who want to accelerate business relationships and foster strong connections. WFG Campaigns offers messages that can be used in follow up emails, invitations, marketing emails and newsletters. It combines powerful marketing tools with friendly pre-written messages that give you a formula to follow up, build your network, and grow your business.
  • Who is Outstand? Outstand is the software platform and team behind the WFG Campaigns service.
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