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Everest Campaign

November 2017 - November 2018

Use this engaging campaign to reach out to clients with the important service of funeral concierge – a benefit they most likely have never considered before.


Campaign Promo Video


Campaign Tutorial Video

Video and Landing Page

Everest Video

Everest’s explainer video has hundreds of thousands of views for a reason. It’s really, really good. The video is the core of the campaign, which is designed to help you drive clients to the video so you can have a more productive sales conversation.

Everest Landing Page

Landing Page

Everest’s landing page has been created just for WFG associates. That’s why the call to action is to contact you.

It’s where your clients will watch the Everest video. It also contains sound bites and benefit messages to tell the story about what Everest can do for your clients and their families.

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Messages for Email/Text

The email messages below are all designed to help you send prospects, and especially existing clients, to the Everest video and landing page (created just for WFG). The call to action is to watch the video then contact you.

Launch Campaign Manager
There's something you don't know about Will.
Death is hard to talk about.
More than 25 million people across the United States and Canada have access to Everest.
After death comes the daunting task of planning a funeral.
Smart Move
At a time where most feel powerless, it's nice to know you have some control.
Who is Everest?
Presentation Slides for Team Promotion

Use this PowerPoint presentation to train your team on how to leverage the Everest Campaign to drive more sales and revenue by serving your existing clients.

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