Video Tips


Perfect Your Profile

Add your photo and other personalization to your profile to represent yourself like a top professional.


Activate Your Website

In minutes, your personal site can be live. Follow this video to see just how to do it (Ch 1 - Features, Ch 2 - Setup).


Create & Send Email

Your outbound campaigns will work wonders to make connections and build relationships - start here!


Maximize the Tracker

Find out who opened your emails, what links they clicked, and how to respond strategically.


Easy Newsletters

Staying in touch is a snap when you have an easy way to give value every month - do it with your newsletter.


Send Printed Cards

No one sends real greeting cards and postcards any more, right? What a perfect reason to send one to someone important today!


Contact Manager Basics

Who has time to learn technology? You do when it's this easy. Here's your cheat sheet.


Send A Trackable Text Message

Ensure every message is seen by your recipient! By combining email and text messaging, you will experience open rates like never before. 


Get a Personalized Web Address for Your Website 

Want to send your new website visitors to "" or another personalized web address name? Follow these steps...