Who To Call For Help

Contact the Outstand Team with questions about
Campaign Manager features and payment issues:

800-865-7496 - or - Send an Email


Contact the WFG Home Office with questions about
MyWFG and compliance-approval.




Important How To's


Launch your Campaign Manager account.

Log into your MyWFG account and click:

Menu > Recruiting & Selling > Marketing Resources >
Campaign Manager > Launch Campaign Manager

After you have created your Campaign Manager account, you can go back to MyWFG to access it at the direct link to the Campaign Manager here.


Verify and set up your email address.


Before you can send emails from the Campaign Manager, you'll need to verify your email address and TFA associates will need to add their email server settings.

Click 'Your Account' in the upper right corner, then 'Manage Profiles'. On the right side of the screen click the tab for 'Contact Info', scroll down to where your email address appears, and click the button to verify your email address. Check your email for the verification message we'll send. Open it and click the link inside to confirm verification.

To set your email server settings, follow these instructions. This is required for TFA associates. If you're having trouble with setting up a Gmail account, follow these helpful tips.



Set up your personal website.

You can set up your own personal WFG or TFA website with a few clicks right in your Campaign Manager!

First you'll need to add your payment info (see below) to your Campaign Manager account. You'll also need to upgrade your account from the Basic free version to a higher plan, starting at $15 per month. There will be a $49 one-time setup charge for the website.

 To add your payment info, click 'Your Account' in the upper right corner of the Campaign Manager, then 'Manage Account'. You'll see a link for 'Billing Info' on the left side of the screen. After you have added your payment info, click 'Website' in the red toolbar on the far right. Click the green button for 'Pricing & Set Up'. Then click the green 'Upgrade Account…' button.

Fill in the form to set up your website. Click 'Update' and your website will be created and sent to compliance for approval. They'll alert you once it has been published live to the web.


Add your payment information.


If you want to place a printed card order or set up your personal website, you'll need to add your payment info to your Campaign Manager account.

To do this, click 'Your Account' in the upper right corner, then 'Manage Account'. You'll see a link for 'Billing Info' on the left side of the screen. Your credit card info is encrypted and stored securely.


Sync your MyWFG contacts with the Campaign Manager.

You can sync your contact database in MyWFG to your Campaign Manager account! Just click the button in MyWFG.

The sync works in one direction, pushing your contacts from MyWFG to your Campaign Manager. Keep in mind if you add any contacts to your Campaign Manager that didn't originate from a sync with your MyWFG account, you'll also need to add them to MyWFG manually.


Import your contacts from an Excel spreadsheet, Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, etc.

You can import your contacts from an Excel spreadsheet to your Campaign Manager.

Just make sure it's saved in CSV format. Also, make sure your contacts' names are in 2 separate columns for First Name and Last Name in your CSV file. In your Campaign Manager, click 'Contacts', then click 'Import Contacts'. Follow the prompts to choose your file and finish your import. To import from your Gmail account, Yahoo! Mail, etc., click 'Contacts', then 'Import Contacts'. Click the radio button for the source you want to import from and follow the prompts – your Campaign Manager will pull in your contacts.


Send compliance-approved emails.

To send an email using one of the pre-loaded, compliance-approved email templates, click the Email Greeting icon on the top left side of your Campaign Manager.

Your email editing window will open. Click the icon at the top in the black bar that looks like 2 sheets of paper. Click 'Use' for the pre-loaded Saved Message you want to send. The image, text and links will load automatically into your editing window. For emails referencing your personal website, you'll need to add the web address for it to the message. To add it, highlight the text your recipient will click for your website, then click the chain link icon in the black bar on the left side of the screen. Paste in the web address for your website and click 'Insert Link'. To add your website link to the large graphic at the top of the message, mouse over the image and click 'Change Image'. Add your website URL on the right side, then click 'Save'.

Keep in mind that other changes you make to the pre-approved email templates will need to be approved by compliance before you send them to any recipients.


Create a Saved Message.

You can create saved messages from sent orders in your Tracker that you can use any time without having to recreate them.

Go to your Tracker and click the down arrow for the original message. Select 'Save Message'. Give it a title (the subject line will automatically fill in), then click 'Add'. To find and use it later, click "Your Account' in the upper right corner, then 'Saved Messages'. Click the message you want to use and your email editing window will open containing your Saved Message. Add recipients, then click Send.


Using the Tracker.

You can track opens and clicks for your messages in your Tracker.

Just click 'Tracker' to bring up all your orders. Click one to open the detail screen. Click each button across the top of the order to get more info about recipients, opens, etc.