How to set up your Gmail account

Need help? Contact the Outstand Support Team at 800-865-7496 - or email them.

1: Go to your Profile

  • In your WFG Campaigns Account, click Your Account
  • Then click Manage Profiles
  • Then select the Contact Info tab

2: Add your Gmail password

  • Scroll down to your email address
  • Click Turn On Email Delivery Boost
  • Click Authorize Your Account

3: Log in to your Gmail account

  • Login to your Gmail account (if you're not logged in already)
  • Then click Allow in the bottom right corner

4. Click the confirm link in Gmail

  • In your WFG Campaign Manager account, you should see the purple alert to the right
  • Go back to your Gmail account
  • Look in your Gmail inbox for a new email titled: WFG Campaign Manager: Verify Your SMTP Settings
    (It may take a few minutes for the email to show up – check your spam, trash, and Promotions areas.)
  • Click the confirmation link in the email

5. Refresh your WFG Campaign Manager browser window 

  • Go back to your WFG Campaign Manager account
  • Click the browser's refresh button (or reload button)
  • Email Delivery Boost will now indicate that it's on!

You're all set!

When you see the message, Email Delivery Boost is Turned On, you're ready to start firing off emails from your Campaign Manager account!


You are not required to use a specific email address or service, and you do NOT need to turn on Email Delivery Boost.  (There may be letters, terms, or phrases that are not acceptable to use as part of your email address. Any questions about the acceptability and approval of your email address should be directed to WFG.)

You are REQUIRED by Compliance to set up Email Delivery Boost in your Campaign Manager account and to send email from your provided email address/server. (Questions regarding your email account should be directed to WFG.)